Kurbata Pre-Holiday Sale


We want to aid you in your Christmas shopping efforts by offering our Pre-holiday Promo! If you haven't yet decided what to give your brother, your dad or your significant other this Christmas, don't worry. We've got you covered. 


The promo is simple. From November 28th through December 15th 2018, if you purchase any tie on our store, you may purchase another among a select group for only PHP 99! (PHP93.9 depending on the calculation of the system) 

An automatic deduction will be applied to your order at checkout provided that your order includes one tie of your choosing and one tie that's eligible to be bought for P99, two ties in total. 

The graphics below show the ties you can get for P99 as well as screenshots of how the promo works on the site. 





Two Quick FAQs

1. If I buy one tie at normal price + 5 ties that are included in the list, will I be able to get the 5 ties at P99 each?

No. The promo only allows you to buy one tie at P99 for each tie you purchase at normal price. If you want to buy 5 ties at P99 each, you will also need to buy 5 ties at normal prices.

In the given example, you'll need to check out all 10 ties together as one order.

2. What if I buy two ties that are on the list?

The deduction will only be applicable to one of them. One will cost at normal price and the other one will now cost P99 (P93.9 depending on the system)


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