Why You Don't Need A 7 Fold Tie

You’ve probably heard of a “7 Fold Tie” online or from your local tailor. It is often branded as more luxurious than the regular necktie, thus, more expensive. The tie was first introduced in 1892 and till the 1920s, was the tie of choice among the elite. What supposedly sets itself apart is that making it involves a longer process where the fabric is cut and folded an additional 7 times to add more volume and structure. Given their look, these neckties are ideally worn for formal occasions.
While we believe every man has the right to choose what to add to his wardrobe, we personally don’t see the use of spending extra to get one. We’re all about premium-ness and quality, but the 7 Fold Tie has  been considered by many as an “unnecessary luxury.” A “nice to have” but not a necessity. 
We want it to be clear that spending extra for a 7 fold tie does not mean you’re buying a product of higher ‘quality’. To put it simply, it’s a tie that was cut rather inefficiently and wastes more fabric in its construction compared to a basic tie, nothing more than that. If you’re looking for a well-built, quality tie, buy one that has proper lining, the thread that holds the shell together, as well as how the shell was cut. 
Speaking of quality ties, check out our wool line, currently available on the store. 
As cliche as it sounds, you truly can’t go wrong with the basics. A quality regular wool/silk/cotton tie will do enough to give you the luxurious feeling of a 7 Fold Tie without hurting your pocket.

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