The Perfect Quarantine Workout Plan

With the effects of COVID-19 being felt worldwide, everyone’s virtually stuck inside their homes for the foreseeable future; ruling out the option of going out to the gym or taking a quick run or walk. 

The demand for a solid home workout program has never been higher. 

With all this fitness content being uploaded and watched daily though, it's not difficult to find a quick workout on Youtube these days. And after a few quick searches, the more popular fitness influencers start popping up on your home page like Jeff Cavaliere, Cassey Ho, and Chris Heria. 

For someone who’s been trying to look for the perfect program that’s free, effective, and requires no equipment way before the virus broke out--sticking to one Youtuber has always been the biggest struggle for me for a variety of reasons. 

That was before I discovered Bully Juice.

My first impressions of this guy were humble, down-to-earth, a respectable father and husband, a disciplined military man with a likable and energetic personality to boot. 

We all know though that first impressions can only take someone so far. What made me stick to Bullyjuice were the goods that he offered. 

Like many other fitness Youtubers, he would make various workout videos that hit different areas of the body. The thing that sets him apart, however, is his 30-day workout programs which check off a lot of important boxes:

  • No Equipment - All he uses on most workouts is a Yoga mat. If you don't have one, using a towel will do just fine. 
  • A Fully Plotted Workout Calendar - This removes a lot of friction, allowing you to just do whatever is lined up for that day. 
  • Minimal Space Required - Do you live in a tiny apartment? Don't fret, you can still do most of the workouts at a small corner in your home. 
  • Hitting Multiple Muscle Groups - You can rest assured that your whole body is getting the work that it needs. Arms, abs, chest, glutes, legs; each important muscle group is getting hit one way or another throughout the program. 
  • Variety - You’re just not repeating 5 routines over and over, there’s a huge selection of movements and exercises that keeps you from being bored
  • Beginner Friendly But Tough - As soon as you start the program, you might find that some of the 5-minute workouts during the first week could be a bit too easy. This is to accommodate beginners who rarely even move their bodies at all. It gets tougher though if you stick with it, especially around the third and fourth weeks. 
  • Free! - You won’t be spending a single penny to get access to the full program.

  • Just a friendly reminder before you proceed: always remember that abs are made in the kitchen. You’re certainly not gonna lose any significant amount of belly fat if you can’t let go of your favorite flavor of milk tea that you drink twice a week, or if you’re chowing down more rice than you need. As many other experts would say, nutrition is definitely at the core of any effective weight-loss plan. 

    This is an entirely different topic altogether, and you can check out 7 Scientific Reasons That Prove Abs Are Made In The Kitchen Not The Gym by Ashley Fern which goes deep into that. 

    My purpose for writing this article is to simply share an effective workout program that's easy to start and most importantly, easy to stick with. Bullyjuice himself would say, “eliminate all excuses” and his program attests to that. You'll find that it's designed to greatly reduce the thought process of debating whether or not you should work out today.

    It just lays it all in front of you so you can just do it. 

    Whether or not it works for you personally is something that you can decide any time down the line. The most important thing is that you were able to start something.

    What are you waiting for? This is the perfect time to make that change in your life. If you check out Bullyjuice’s Instagram here, you’ll find that many people in quarantine like you have already given the program a whirl and are getting healthier and more active despite being forced to stay at home full time. 

    Convinced? Great! Let's get to work. You can check out the program below.

    Remember, the calendar is found in one of his Instagram highlights while all the videos are on Youtube. Good luck!

    Bully Juice Youtube Channel

    30-Day Challenge 1st & 2nd Month

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