The Importance of Sleep

Whether it was at school or at work, you’ve probably heard someone tell you “Sleep is for the weak” or “Rest when you’re dead.” You’ve most likely had a colleague proudly tell you how he pulled off an all-nighter to complete a project or a friend brag about how he was partying the entire night and still make it to work the next day. 

While sometimes unavoidable, numerous studies have confirmed that the worst can actually happen if not getting enough sleep becomes a habit.

Today, the value of getting a good night’s rest is often overlooked. People invest thousands in gyms, exercise equipment, and diets but fail to give the same importance and attention to their sleep. Hence, they are not truly healthy. We’re here to tell you that sleep is important and you should be getting 7-8 hours of it a night. 

A simple Google search will already tell you the ill effects of sleep deprivation on your body such as heart problems, migraines, allergies  etc. This is because your body is not getting the rest it needs to recover from everything it undergoes in a day. Not getting enough sleep makes it impossible to function at your best capacity throughout the day, which is something that is needed from Better Men. 

Here are some ways to get enough sleep at night 

1. No blue light 1 hour before bed (phone, laptop)

2. Low room temperature

3. No heavy meals after 7 pm

4. Make your room as dark as possible

5. No caffeine after 2 PM

There’s a saying that goes “A good day starts the night before.” and we cannot agree more. Look back and compare your performance on a night when you had 8 hours of sleep vs. 5 hours of sleep. The difference in how you think, act, and respond was most likely, clearly evident. And no-coffee is not a solution.

While you might not feel it now, the effects of sleep deprivation can build up and start to show in the future. Start with getting 8 hours tonight.

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