How To Survive Your Morning Commute


There are plenty of uncomfortable feelings in this world, and one of them is getting to your office drenched disheveled and full of sweat. While commuting is already a struggle in itself, the elements you are exposed to make it even more dreadful. Improving the commuting experience is beyond our control, but we found some ways to help you survive your daily travel and get to work looking and feeling ready to take on the day.


DO NOT wear your work shirt when you commute

Commuting exposes you to different elements you do not want to carry to work such as humidity, germs, and sweat. These usually cling to your shirt and stay there throughout the day. We advise that you wear a T-shirt made of light material for your commute, and change to your actual work clothes once you get to the office. This a good way to feel refreshed and not worry about how you look.


Hydration is the best way to battle heat. Having water on hand allows you to cool down and refresh anytime. We recommend using refillable tumbler to prevent unnecessary plastic waste.

Bring a cooling device

No matter what mode of transportation we take, having a portable fan allows us to keep cool during our entire commute. Make sure to get one that is light and easy to pack.

Use it for Self-Development

 Today, we  have easy access to planners, to-do lists, books and learning materials. On your way to work, you can start reading to enhance the mind, prepping it up for the work day ahead. You may also opt to listening to podcasts and audiobooks for daily inspiration and learning. Although we highly recommend that you do your daily planning the night before, you can go ahead and do that during this time as well if you like— plot all the day’s events on your calendar as well as list down your to-do list.

Here are our picks for the best apps to do exactly each of these activities:

- Calendar: Google Calendar

- To-do list: Google Tasks

- Podcasts: Castbox or Apple Podcasts (IOS only)

- Audio Book: Audible

- E-books: Kindle
- Journal & Note Taking: Evernote or Google Keep

Look for Alternative Travel Options

When all else fails, it would be great to look up shorter, alternative routes to get to where you work. Carpooling is also a convenient way to avoid the hassle and stress of daily commuting. You may ask the people in your area or dedicated apps.

Commuting is a reality millions face and sometimes, there’s no other way around it. Just remember that getting to work fresh is all about taking advantage of the things you can control.

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