How To Practice Self-Compassion

Most people have used this quarantine to improve themselves. We’ve seen it online: people pursuing a new hobby, developing a workout routine, and even starting a new business. If you haven’t done any of these (or anything at all), rest assured — there’s nothing wrong with that. The anxiety brought by the pandemic along with the uncertainty that filled the news can weigh a heavy toll on anyone. If you’re currently disappointed about your lack of “effort” and lack of productivity, we’ve prepared some things that you can practice to manage your emotions and be kinder to yourself.

Forgive Yourself

Letting go of a mistake is never easy. However, dwelling doesn’t do anything but make us more miserable. While learning from our failures is important, we have to accept them and move on quickly, knowing that things will only get better from there. We must simply accept how things turned out and move on, knowing that you are now better and smarter.

Let Your Feelings Out

Being able to express what we truly feel often leaves us feeling lighter. Opening up to a friend or family member not only takes the weight off our chest but also allows us to see things from a different perspective when through their advice. In case you’re not comfortable sharing your thoughts with someone, you can always opt to write them down. Anything that physically brings out what’s inside helps.

Treat Yourself

Rewards are usually reserved after an accomplishment, but every once in a while we deserve a taste of the good life. For example, taking a break and enjoying our favorite unhealthy meal is probably the best way to maintain our sanity. Life is difficult at times, but it should also be enjoyed.

Focus On Consistency Over Perfection

One reason we get down on ourselves is that no matter how hard we try, we “just can’t get it right.” Seeing our favorite influencers and peers outperform us can place unnecessary pressure. Remember, the goal is to do things consistently to best to our ability. Perfection will follow as we continue to show up daily. Our biggest competitor is not anyone else, but ourselves.

At the end of the day, we must remember that we are only human, and we are bound to mess up every once in a while. It’s easy to share love with others but we often forget to give some to ourselves.

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